FEFU Campus

APEC Forum with participating countries from Asian Pacific Region was hosted in Vladivostok in 2012. Far Eastern Federal University was founded exactly prior to this momentous event. Partially, educational buildings are located on the main land, yet the core of university is on Russky Island. In order to get to FEFU one shall cross the Russky Bridge, which length is 3100 m.

The vast territory of the educational institution is the location of numerous educational buildings, hotels (dormitories), medical center and waterfront promenade. The build-up territory is 200 ha; the construction area of estates – 500,000 m².

Campus dormitories provide accommodation to 11 000 students and faculty members.

The Northern group of hotel type (dormitories), which includes 5 buildings of the first type (closer to waterfront) and 3 buildings of the second type (closer to the outer road bend); the Southern cluster (dormitories) consists of 3 buildings.

Educational buildings are located in the campus center: humanities building and building of natural sciences. There is an eleven-story Student center for student unions and organizations between them. This center has conference-halls that seat 900 people, all necessary services, including shops, clubs, and cafes. To the left of the main building there are the sports block, including several swimming pools, tennis courts and various sports grounds for athletics.

Landscaping areas, parks and sports zone occupy 54 ha. The park is surrounded with alleys and minor architectural forms, pedestrian and bicycle tracks interlace the entire campus. The Northern part of the campus is the location of the sports zone: open stadium that seats a few thousands of people, tennis courts, volleyball ground. The main attraction of the campus is the 1300 meter waterfront that stretches across the Ajax Bay. Small cruising boats, speedboats and yachts moor by the pier.

Conference participants pay for the accommodation themselves.

Accommodation at FEFU campus Hotels is preferable

Participants complete booking themselves via official web-site

Photos of the FEFU campus