Vladivostok is a major port city, the capital of the Primorsky Region, APEC 2012 location – these are the facts that anyone, even those who have not been here, may list. However, it opens up from a new side for everyone in person.


Vladivostok is one of the most memorable cities in the world, and, most definitely, it is one of the most beautiful cities of the Russian Federation. Hundreds of paths align here: sea and land routes, underwater routes, railways, roads and airways. Numerous travelers come here every year and they do not get disappointed since there not too many places in our country where one may watch the sun rising from the ocean. There is a number of hotels in the city for accommodation of its visitors. The oldest hotels of Vladivostok give them the opportunity to spend time here with all-around comfort.

Vladivostok is a port city with population exceeding half a million milestone. It is located on the Pacific coast. Originally, it was founded as a military fortress in 1860 and, shorty, it become one of the strongest sea fortresses in the world. Primarily, the security and key location ensured the basis for its intensive development.

Since its establishment till this day this city has always been closely bound up with the sea. Vladivostok is a major port, fishery base and home to an entire refrigerating fleet. It is not just the biggest port of the Russian Pacific coast, yet a well-developed industrial, cultural and scientific center.

Geographical attractiveness of Vladivostok involves unique relief, which is created with sea bays and hills.

Cultural life of Vladivostok is rather rich and diverse. There are numerous theaters in the city, philharmonic hall, opera studio, writer, actor, composer and artist organizations, museums, art galleries and exhibition pavilions, libraries and movie theaters, circus, monuments of history and architecture, Aquarium and Marine Reserve. The main city attraction is the Vladivostok Fortress and its old fortification – Bezymyannaya battery; the main Orthodox Christian church is named after Saint Nicholas – the patron of sailors.

Frequently, Vladivostok is known as the pearl of Primorye. It is famous for its islands: Russky Island, Popov Island and Reineke Island. These islands are amongst most favorite recreation places not just for citizens, yet for tourists as well.

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